Chicago side trip

Weather was a bit sketchy this morning, turned out nice though, still Nick, Taylor and I decided to head over to Chicago for a day trip. So far did Chicago dogs and planning on Chicago pizza and some blues later.

Super dog car hop.


Waking along Lake Michigan.


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Taylor Flys to TrikeFest

Check out the video of Taylor, 17 years old, flying the trike over the corn fields of Illinois on the way to TrikeFest.

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Off to Cushing.

Trikefest starts today at Cushing Field, near Morris Illinois. We are planning to leave soon as the weather appears to have moved on to the east.


Our flight takes us just south of Chicago and over lots and lots of corn. We may do a Chicago flight later down the lakeshore and past downtown. Maybe, depending weather and time.


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Some photos of our stop over in Murfreesboro July 20. Flew out to a grass strip and waited for the rest of the crew. Then headed out to Kentland.






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Photos from the iPhone.

Since all our computers and cameras are in the RV in Florida the blog is beimg dine with iPads and iPhone only.

Below are some photos from the iPhone.





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Rest day

The flight into Kentland IN was hot but very enjoyable, will post some video from Taylor’s phone in a separate post.

Yesterday and today gave us a little rest after some big days. Feels good. Curt and Dee are awesome hosts. The RV is still in Florida with all our luggage so all we have with us is us! Did a run to Walmart and got some needed change of essentials. So we are roughing it a little. Really not bad, but the common refrain right now is “It’s in the RV.”

Dee made a fantastic home cooked meal with vegetables from the garden. Something we all enjoyed after road/airport food.

Last night we went for an evening flight to Curt’s son’s house and his “landing strip” of a cleared corn field! Lost of excitement getting in and out. I think Taylor has a new appreciation of what the Delta Jet can do.

We had five trikes and the fox all in formation, quite the sight!

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Yesterday’s flight.

July 20 was another great day of flying. Taylor and Nick were reunited. We all met a a great grass strip just outside of Murfreesboro called t top. Beautiful strip. Did some formation flybys and other great fun. Then back to KMBT for fuel an we were headed north. Now a word about north: conjures up visions of cool breezes, frosty mornings, at least a little nip in the air, but noooooo. We are flying into one of the hottest summers on record with feels like temps hovering around 105 F. Beastly on the ground. The only relief, fly to 8500 feet with 50 degree temps. Much better. Couple of fuel stops, lunch and we arrived in Kentland as the sun was setting. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Bonus deal of the day: super hospitality from Wes’ friends Kurt and Dee including a super homemade dinner and desserts.

Some photos:


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